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Next to accommodation, education in Dubai is the second highest expenditure of most residents. Basic education is compulsory for all children at all grade level. Public schools have a different campus for boys and girls. Arabic is the medium of instruction in public schools while private schools use English. Regardless of race, all students must take Arabic classes either as primary or secondary language. Muslim students need to take additional Islamic subjects on top of the regular academic load. International private schools offer country-based curriculum intended for expatriate communities like the British, Americans and other Asians. There are several universities offering Baccalaureate and post-graduate degrees but be ready to pay higher school fees annually.

How Will Brexit Affect The Pound

Brexit deals, political issues, inflation rate and fluctuating currency market all affect the value of pound. Ordinary citizens do not understand how all these factors lead to the lower buying power of their money. The terms are confusing and the language in the financial industry is like an alien to most people. If you want to use the exchange rate to your advantage without studying all these jargons, talking to a professional finance adviser is a must. Holborn Assets has the most qualified professionals to help you to make the most of your money and shield you from the risk of fluctuating currency market.


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Thinking of retiring as an expat? The idea seems great as you will free yourself from the daily burden of work-related stress. However, the dream of enjoying old age can crash if you do not have the right retirement plan. The first step begins by finding the right company to help you put things on the right place. Holborn Assets provide services related to pension transfers, retirement savings, will writing and funds for long-term care. A solid financial plan serves as the foundation of your happy retirement. Get in touch with a qualified Holborn adviser to help you make that dream turn into a reality.


UAE denies Brit was ‘arrested for wearing Qatar football shirt’ in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates’ UK embassy has denied reports that a British man was arrested because he was wearing a Qatar football shirt.

Ali Issa Ahmad,26, was held in Sharjah in January.

Earlier reports suggested he was arrested due to his football shirt however the London embassy now claims that the man went to a police station and said he was assaulted by fans of the UAE’s national team.

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The news about a British man arrested because of wearing Qatar football shirt has different versions. The story becomes twisted depending on the source of information. The man involved say that he went to the police station after getting injuries from the fans of UAE national team. However, police authorities say that these are self-inflicted and they have charged the man for making false statements. Legal proceedings are now on going to find out the truth. But one thing is for sure, the UK embassy has extended its support to the Sudanese-British man. With the dispute between two countries -Qatar and UAE, it’s better for outsiders not to take sides for their own safety.


The Dubai Mall in Dubai, UAE

For shopping enthusiasts, one whole day is not enough to tour around one of the world’s largest mall. Dubai mall is the home of shopping festivities in United Arab Emirates. It receives more than 80 million visitors annually. It combines luxurious shopping with world class dining, leisure activities and entertainment. The Fashion Avenue where international designer brands are located makes the city as the shopping capital of Middle East. Other attractions include an aquarium and underwater zoo, virtual reality park and ice rinks. It has received several awards and recognition including the best shopping experience. It continues to expand to accommodate more visitors and allow leasing of more shops.

Link to map

Driving Direction

20 min (21.5 km)

via Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11

Best route

This route has tolls.

The Dubai Mall

Financial Center Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


34 s (140 m)

Take Exit 25 and Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 to your destination. Take the First Al Khail St/D86 exit from Hessa St/D61

16 min (19.8 km)

Drive to your destination

5 min (1.6 km)

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